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i am using the atk4 basic auth so when i login here

i see all the details

you are visiting: subdomain1
your site : subdomain2

This is not your site string(23) "" You are logged in as

then i visit this

it redirects me to login

but i already logged in at

is subdomain affecting the cookies ?

Here is my code:

        //if site is a user site
        if ($this->api->skin != 'default' && !$this->auth->isLoggedIn()) { // && $this->privacy == $this->PRIVATE) {


            echo 'you are visiting: '. $this->api->siteName;
            //echo $this->api->siteName;

            $m = $this->add('Model_Site');

            $tm = $m->loadBy('user_id', $this->auth->get('id'));
            $this->mySite = $tm->get('name');
            echo '<br/>';
            echo 'your site : '. $this->mySite;

            echo '<br/>';

            if ($this->siteName == $this->mySite) {
                echo 'This is your site';
            } else {
                echo 'This is not your site';


           // var_dump($this->auth->model->ref('theme_id')->get('name'));
            //if ($this->auth->get('sitename', skinName))

        if ($this->api->skin == 'default') {



I saw some stackoverflow posts related to this topic. I wonder how i can solve it in atk4.

Here are the links:

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The best way to tackle this issue in agiletoolkit is by adding this one line in config:

$config['session']['domain'] = '';
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excellent! it saved me alot of time. – webelizer Sep 4 '14 at 19:02

Have a look at the 'path' parameter for the cookie

Probably you need to specify it.

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yep, that is a solution but. Much simpler is to add $config['session']['domain'] = ''; in config. – Qambar Raza Nov 23 '13 at 2:06

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