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Trying to create an autostart directory on a rpi using puppet. It is supposed to mkdir only if the location doesn't exist.

Here is the current code:

exec { "mkdir_autostart":
command => "mkdir /home/pi/.config/autostart",
unless => "[ -d /home/pi/.config/autostart ]",
path    => "/usr/local/bin/:/bin/",

Here is what I get:

err: Failed to apply catalog: Parameter unless failed on Exec[mkdir_autostart]: 
'[ -d  /home/pi/.config/autostart ]' is not qualified and no path was specified.
Please qualify the command or specify a path.

Also tried with onlyif statement, but that generated the same error. What am I doing wrong?


Added path (path => "/usr/local/bin/:/bin/",) and now get:

err: /Stage[main]/auto::Sign/Exec[mkdir_autostart]: Could not evaluate: Could not find command '['
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You should use the "file" type:

file { "/home/pi/.config/autostart":
   ensure => directory

But if for any reason, you want to keep your "exec" type, use test -d /home/pi/.config/autostart

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Might be good to link to the file -> ensure docs and worth noting that this is idempotent. –  steveax Nov 21 '13 at 2:43
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Instead of using unless I'd suggest just adding a -p flag to mkdir:

exec { "mkdir_autostart":
  command => "mkdir -p /home/pi/.config/autostart",
  path    => "/usr/local/bin/:/bin/"

Or better yet just use Puppet's file resource type as mentioned above by @sebastien.prudhomme.

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