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Alright, so I need to implement a fairly large local database for the iOS and Android mobile browsers (~30 MB). I am researching the options and it looks like WebSQL (the option I wanted to use) is being actively abandoned. Also, it looks like IndexedSQL is not fully supported.

What do you recommend for a local browser database? Thanks!

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IndexedDB with use of IndexedDBShim (a polyfill for WebSQL), for sure looks fulfills your requirement. But do notice, that IOS devices allows maximum of 50 MB storage.

I have worked on the similar requirement as of yours and this combination worked across all modern browsers.

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I don't think you have an other choice than using the indexeddb. WebSQL is deprecated and localstorage is to small and not performante to serve the needs.

I wrote a library that implements a linq like interface. By using methods you can easily query the database. Example:


Because the indexededdb is async you will get back a promise.

You can find my library at codeplex

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