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I have created a bunch of alias shortcuts. I want to rename one of them. For example let's create alias 'al' which will displays all the aliases that were already defined in my config file:

git config --global '!git config --list | grep ^alias\.' 

My alias is now saved in config and it looks like this:!git config --list | grep ^alias\.

I can call it by simple typing in 'git al'

How do I go about renaming this alias? For example from 'al' to only 'l'? I could of course use:

git config --global --unset

and then type:

git config --global alias.l '!git config --list | grep ^alias\.'

But I was just wondering if there is a way to do it in one simple command instead, without using --unset ?

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To directly answer your question, I doubt this can be done in one command.

I'd recommend using your favorite editor and editing the .gitconfig file. Since this is a global alias, it would be in your home directory:

vim ~/.gitconfig

You can easily change the aliases in there.

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