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I have two inner joins in my SQL query:

SELECT `M`.`msg_id`,
FROM `newdb2`.`users` AS `U`
INNER JOIN (SELECT subscriber_to_id
            FROM subscriptions
            WHERE subscriber_id = 434) AS subscriber 
  ON id = subscriber_to_id
INNER JOIN `newdb2`.`messages` AS `M` 
  ON (`M`.`uid_fk` = `U`.`id`)

When I execute this query I see that is really slow. How can I modify thiş query to make it faster?

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How many rows has thoose tables? –  Jorge Campos Nov 21 '13 at 0:25
list the indexes you have. –  mr_eclair Nov 21 '13 at 6:43

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Quick fixes for things like this are adding indexes which allows your database server to quickly look up columns you are searching on. For more info on how to add indexes to columns, see the manual.

In this query, those columns are:

  • subscriptions.subscriber_id
  • subscriptions.subscriber_to_id
  • users.id
  • messages.uid_fk

The ORDER BY id should be OK as I assume your id column has a primary key index on it already, but ordering queries will slow it down too.

Subselect queries will also slow the query down. In this particular query, I can't see the alias subscriber (containing the results of your subquery, which is inner joined on) used anywhere, so remove that join completely.

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