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OK, I got a Senselock EliteIV v.2.x USB Dongle and I want to emulate the hardware so I can still run the LaserCut 5.3 Software without it ?

Here is the link from others which similar with mine :

  Senselock Elite IV v2.x.
  Beijing Senselock Corp.
    VID - 0471 
    REV - 0303 
    PID - 485d

How to dump its firmware image and make the virtual USB Port as Smart Card reader ?

PS :

2 years ago, another guy also asking the same question as me at :

I already read the following post at :
  Can i crack usb security dongle?
  Programmable USB dongles

And I'm running my USB Dongle at Windows XP and Windows 7 64bit.

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