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I am trying to use cookieSession middleware in expressjs app. Is cookieParser middleware required to use before cookieSession middleware? Also cookieParser accepts secret key so do the cookieSession middleware. Do i need to set secret in both?

var express = require('express');
var app = express();
  key: 'key',
  secret: 'Should it be same as above?'

I do know that cookieSession middleware assigns cookie variable to req.sesison object. So I guess cookieParser is required but where should i be setting secret, Should I set same secret in both?

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Here is the catch. Secret string passed to cookieParser is not used by it but by other middlewares and is optional for it. It sets req.secret to that value. cookieSession simply checks if req.secret exists and will use it, but by default it will use the secret option passed explicitly over the stored secret. So passing the option to only one of them would suffice.

You can see it in their documentation : cookieParser and cookieSession

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