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I have clearcase integrated with Visual Studio 2008. Everytime, I open a solution, I get Checkout Resources pop ups for the solution file and the project files within. I have to click on 'Cancel' several times before my solution is loaded.

Also when I build the project, I get the checkout resources pop up.

This is really annoying.

Anyone with a solution to prevent these unrequired Checkout Resources pop ups?


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I am hoping that, by adding manually the .sln file to a .ccexclude file, the CC integration plugin would ignore it, even though you would still be able to checkout it manually outside from the CC integration. –  VonC Jan 12 '10 at 5:01

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Did you try to:

  • add that solution file to the .ccexclude file (to make it ignored by the cc-VS2008 integration)
  • checkout/checking said solution file only outside the integration (in a full CC client, not from the VS GUI): the reasoning being "you do not have to change that solution file all that often"


  • I am not familiar with VS projects, so I could be wrong in the update frequency of a solution file.
  • this would solve at least unsolicited checkout only for that file.
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How should I exclude the .sln file? I am not getting the option in CLearCase integrated with VS.Net. –  Rashmi Pandit Jan 12 '10 at 4:06

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