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I want to write a Jquery on Destroy button to make store them in an array:

For That I have use Kendo Grid as::

                        .TableHtmlAttributes(new { style = "height:20px; " })
                            //.TableHtmlAttributes(new { style:"height:30px;"})
                .Columns(columns =>
                    columns.Bound(p => p.ID).Hidden(true).ClientTemplate("#=ID#" + "<input type='hidden' class='ID' value='#=ID#' />");
                    columns.Bound(p => p.PassengerName).Width(15).Title("Name").ClientTemplate("#=PassengerName#" + "<input type='hidden' class='PassengerName'' name='#=PassengerName#' value='#=PassengerName#' />");
                    columns.Command(command => { command.Edit().Text(" "); command.Destroy().Text(" "); }).Width(15);

                .Editable(ed => ed.Mode(GridEditMode.PopUp).DisplayDeleteConfirmation(false).TemplateName("NewPerson").CreateAt(GridInsertRowPosition.Bottom))

                .Scrollable(scr => scr.Height(200))
                .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
                .Events(events => events.Error("error_handler"))
                .Model(model => model.Id(p => p.PassengerID))
                .Create("Passenger_Create", "Document")
                .Read("Passenger_Read", "Document")
                .Update("Passenger_Update", "Document")
                .Destroy("Passenger_Destroy", "Document")

And I am writing the Jquery code for Click event as::

var delPassenger = [];
        $("td > .k-grid-delete").click(function () {
            var del = $(this).closest("tr").find(".ID");
            //for (var i = 0; i < del.length; i++) {
            //    $(".MainForm").append("<input type='hidden' name='delPassenger[" + i + "]' class='delPassenger' value='" + del[i].value + "' />");

But this Click event doesn't work. Please help me on this.

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Use .on()

As elements are added dynamically you can not bind events directly to them .So you have to use Event Delegation.

$(document).on('click','td > .k-grid-delete',function () {  ..code here.. });


$( elements ).on( events, selector, data, handler );
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As kendo grid generates table dynamically. you need to do event delegaton using .on()

$(document.body).on('click','td > .k-grid-delete',function () {
            var del = $(this).closest("tr").find(".ID");

Where document or document.body refers to the closest parent element.

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it is not working. – Rahul Nov 21 '13 at 7:22

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