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As per apple documentation, We can delete an application which is in a state of waiting for upload.
But, how? I searched for the delete button and can't get that.

enter image description here

How can a team agent delete it from my itunes connect view?
I can't find the delete button in the app details page.

enter image description here

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How did you managed it? I'm in your exact situation. –  MatterGoal Jan 25 at 21:38
@MatterGoal, I've mentioned that in my answer, do you have any other clarification? –  NAZIK Jan 27 at 4:45
nope, I just think that it's so weird that we can't see that button. –  MatterGoal Jan 27 at 10:26
Here is answer to the same problem: stackoverflow.com/a/19575239/1041311 –  user1041311 Jan 31 at 14:11

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Still, I can't see the delete button and I can't delete the application.

As the old app's binary version is not uploaded and reviewed, I just renamed that application and then used the name by creating a new one.

Apple accepts the name and the app is now in review.

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Recently I received an email from Apple:


You have not yet uploaded a binary for your app, TheGreatApp. Our records show that this app was created in iTunes Connect more than 173 days ago.

If you do not upload a binary for your app by 13 March 2014 (Pacific Time), it will be deleted from iTunes Connect. The app name will then be available for another developer to use.

So, wait for half of year and it will be deleted automatically.

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Solution found, but need a long patience. ;) –  NAZIK Mar 6 at 12:22

You can click on App in Detail page you will get option Delete application. But FYI your bundle identifier & name of application registered will not delete.

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You just login to the itunes connect

Manage Your Apps-> Select Your App

Now you can see the delete option. i added an sample image here enter image description here

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no there is no delete app button. –  NAZIK Nov 21 '13 at 6:42
pl see my edited question. –  NAZIK Nov 21 '13 at 6:50
still I can't see the delete button, but my problem solved, Thanks for the suggestions. –  NAZIK Nov 27 '13 at 10:24

Since iTunes connect policy has been changed, If your app is not approved yet, you can't delete the app. Even if you upload your binary and then reject it, it will remains there. The only way delete an app from iTunes Connect it has to be approved once.

From Apple:

Deleting an App

If you’ve created an app in iTunes Connect that you no longer need to manage, you can delete it from iTunes Connect.

Apps can’t be deleted if they are part of a Game Center group or currently displayed on a store. You’ll want to remove the app from sale or from the group if you want to delete it. See “Removing an App from Sale” or “Removing an App from a Group” in Game Center Configuration Guide for iTunes Connect. Apps that have not been approved yet can’t be deleted; instead, reject the app. See “Rejecting Your Binary.”

You can see more details at Transferring And Deleting Apps

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That was not different before –  LiGe Aug 22 at 0:07
@LiGe If you look at the answers (screenshot) above you can see there was a delete button and you were able to delete. –  mohacs Aug 22 at 0:08
Sure but not in the state of Waiting For Upload. Had that problem back in March. Maybe that picture is older than that. –  LiGe Aug 22 at 0:25

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