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Some processes at the same time read table. Each process takes on one task. Is it possbile don't use LOCK table in this case ?

db.session.execute('LOCK TABLE "Task"')
query = db.session.query(models.Task).order_by(models.Task.ordr).limit(1)
    for row in query:
        task = row
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By locking table you use pessimistic approach to concurrency.

Alterntively, intead of locking the table, you can be optimistic about the things going the right way. I would wrap the code to retrieve a task to work on in a continues retry statement with error handling in case the commit fails because some other process already removed this very task this process tried to get.

Something like this, perhaps:

def get_next_task():
    session = ...
    task = None
    while not(task):
            query = session.query(models.Task).order_by(models.Task.ordr).limit(1)
                for row in query:
                    task = row
            if not(task):
                return # no more tasks found
            pass # or log the statement

    # maybe need to make_transient
    return task

Whether this solution is better will depend on the use case, though.

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