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I need to stream videos from an URL and then i want to save the video to SDcard.

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For video streaming take a look at the following example/projects:
Audio and Video on Android- Official Documentation
Vidtry an Open Source Project by Mark Murphy
Video Streaming Example by Davanum(this might be out of date)

Saving to SDcard: I am not very sure, but once you have the video stream(abstracted as InputStream) in your code you should be able to save it on SD card using normal File I/O operations.

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Will textView.setVisibility(View.GONE) help? – Samuh Feb 10 '10 at 4:47

Be careful when you prepare your videos for streaming. The documentation on the MediaPlayer class says it is accepting video streaming over HTTP only if the following 2 conditions are true:

  1. The 'moov' atom has to be before the 'mdat' atom.
  2. The clip has to be reasonably interleaved.

While the first condition is quite straightforward, about the 2nd one I couldn't find a definitive answer on what does it mean for a clip to be "reasonably interleaved".

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