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I have a Winforms application and a combobox has it's datasource set to a List when the form loads. The data displays fine in the combobox.

Then after a user clicks a button I want to create a new List and assign that List as the datasource for the combobox.

The problem is that after setting the datasource to be the new List the items in the combobox don't change. Here is the code I'm using.

    var newPersonList=new List<Person>(){//...};//Person has a property named 'Name'
    dlCustomer.DataSource = newPersonsList
    dlCustomer.DisplayMember = "Name"

Does anyone know how to make the correct data be displayed in the combobox the second time I assign new data source for it?

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.DataSource = personsList should be enough. What is the type of personsList? Are you sure it is actually populated? – Larry Nov 21 '13 at 8:34
Clear your combobox item before binding – Angelo Dec 5 '13 at 7:03

You can clear the items and then set the DataSource as below

dlCustomer.DataSource = newPersonsList;
dlCustomer.DisplayMember = "Name";
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