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Here is an example of my command:

wget -r -l 0 -np -t 1 -A jpg,jpeg,gif,png -nd --connect-timeout=10 -P ~/support --load-cookies cookies.txt "" -e robots=off

Based on the input here

But nothing really gets downloaded, no recursive crawling, it takes just a few seconds to complete. I am trying to backup all images from a forum, is the forum structure causing issues?

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wget -r -P /download/location -A jpg,jpeg,gif,png

works like a charm

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  • Install wget in linux machine sudo apt-get install wget

  • Create a folder where you want to download files . sudo mkdir myimages cd myimages

  • Right click on the webpage and for example if you want image location right click on image and copy image location. If there are multiple images then follow the below:

  • If there are 20 images to download from web all at once, range starts from 0 to 19.

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How is this an answer to the question? –  admdrew Feb 13 '14 at 15:48
As you used this identical answer on another question, my comment there still applies. –  Alastair Feb 19 '14 at 18:08

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