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I'm starting to learn selenium webdriver and want to ask you to give me some advice how to improve skills in selenium...Actually I will be thankful for giving me maybe book or site with selenium webdriver exercises or lessons. Thanks in advance.

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The is official documentation quite good to get started.

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Instead of jumping directly into Selenium webdriver, you can go with selenium IDE.

Selenium IDE is a firefox addon. Open Firefox -> Goto Seleniumhq.org -> click on selenium IDE.

Secondly, Firebug addon for firefox.

Third, Firepath addon for firefox.

Selenium IDE will teach you the basic of automation.

After getting familiar on that, you can jump to selenium Webdriver which is fully program oriented.

Language selection - Preferable JAVA. But you can choose your own language.

Use of Selenium IDE on WebDriver.

1. You can able to convert the selenium IDE recorded codes into 
   selenium webdriver codes

2. Reduces the coding time on WebDriver.
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