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I usually develop using emacs in a linux environment (ubuntu) because I love the editor. I've been also using eclipse from time to time but I find it slow.

Since I want IDE-like features, I tried to setup cedet and it seems to be sort of doing the work.

  1. I find that cedet never finds base class members. For example, std::vector in gcc has std::vector::size in its base class and it cannot find it.
  2. Seems inaccurate: If I do something like "myvector." it will give me completions like size_type.
  3. Cannot use auto from c++11, it seems not to work.
  4. srecode-getset gives me errors even for basic usage.

My configuration does not give any error and is based in alexott cedet config.

My questions are:

  1. The completion is that inaccurate still? (Think of "vector." giving things like "size_type".
  2. What is the status of cedet for c++/c++11? Should auto be working? I'm doing anything wrong?

I tried to use both bundled ubuntu version and last version from bzr repository. CEDET seems an extremely useful tool, but I wonder if it needs more work.

Thanks in advance.

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Although it can do lots of things, CEDET still needs a lot of work, especially for C++, as it's just one of the languages that it supports, probably the most complex one. It would be great if people with knowledge of bison and elisp contributed more. –  abo-abo Nov 21 '13 at 11:46
I don't know bison, unfortunately :-( But with a bit more accuracy this would be really great. –  Germán Diago Nov 21 '13 at 12:39
I develop https://github.com/abo-abo/function-args that makes use of CEDET. I'd love to have support for C++ default function arguments, but this hasn't been implemented yet. –  abo-abo Nov 21 '13 at 12:46
afaik creating a C++ grammar using BNF like bison will take is an unsolved problem - even with the GLR parser. just something to think about... –  jheriko Nov 27 '13 at 3:42

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I know that this may be a less-than-sufficient answer (and I'd prefer to mention this in the comments but I'm shy on points), but there is an Eclipse plugin for emacs functionality called emacs+. This link should be friendly to your Eclipse install manager (on Indigo I can copy and paste it into Help->Install New Software->Work With). Because Eclipse was otherwise attractive to you and therefore this can indirectly alleviate your problem...

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Well, I tried before but it's not nearly emacs, unfortunately. Just a few combinations, but not the true feeling of not moving your hands to the mouse, which is a big point for me. –  Germán Diago Nov 29 '13 at 6:35
There are MANY editor choices that work without moving your hands to the mouse. Each has its own clumsinesses and features. Personally, I consider any editor that does not support block marking (as opposed to string marking) an abomination. vi, Kedit, X2, THE, SlickEdit, etc. I even got eclipse to be mostly mouse free. –  Wes Miller Jun 10 at 12:45

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