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How do I determine whether the CPU mode is SMP, AMP or BMP on a HP-ux ia64 system?

I've had a google and everything is telling me to check /proc/cpuinfo but this file (or folder for that matter) does not exist on my system

Also could you tell me how to check this on Solaris?: $ uname -a SunOS my-sol-server 5.11 11.1 sun4v sparc

CPU is at 180% for some processes so I suspect SMP is being used as opposed to BMP but I need to confirm this before I go back to the unix guys

Thanks G.

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Not sure about HP-UX, but Solaris doesn't have a global CPU mode you can check like that. The OS is SMP/NUMA, but allows you to bind processes to certain CPUs if desired, via the pbind command

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