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Inside a Linux kernel module, using the macro KERNEL_VERSION, how I can use either of the create_proc_entry or proc_create ?

Exactly in which kernel version, the interface got changed ?

I see that in kernel version 3.9, in the file proc_fs.h both the APIs are present under different #ifdef's. Basically I want to check kernel version and depending on that call the correct API.

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#include <linux/version.h>  /* For LINUX_VERSION_CODE */

     * Do This
     * Do This
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Thanks Sundeep. In Kernel version 3.9.0, in proc_fs.h, I see that both create_proc_entry and proc_create are defined under #ifdef CONFIG_PROC_FS create_proc_entry #else proc_create #endif That's why the code snippet given by you won't work. What is CONFIG_PROC_FS ? Is it available to a kernel module ? –  LML Nov 22 '13 at 6:34

Seems it is available - I just tried on Linux 3.2.0-80-generic (Ubuntu 12.04)


and when this condition is met I use create_proc_entry() otherwise proc_create().

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