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I have 2 Datagrids on the same form. One of the Datagrids holds data e.g. Policy Number, name, date etc... and I want to be able to drag a single row of data, including all the cells in that row, on top of a user listed in another Datagrid which will then send all that data and the user to another table in an SQL database. (Basically assigning a Policy to a user).

I know how to create the table in SQL but I am unsure how to make the drag and drop work and how to get the data from both data grids collectively.


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Try to imagine your solution based on a series on events. My example is very basic, you will need to flesh it out.

DragLeave DataGridView1

Here you want to grab details of the row which has selected.


DragEnter DataGridView2

Here you want to use your SQL to perform an INSERT to the actual table, based on what has been dragged. If there are no errors, you probably also want to remove the dragged data from the first view.

Helpful References:

Drag between DataGrids (Adapt From WinForms)

WPF Drag and Drop

Hint: I would change the SelectionMode of the first DataGridView to FullRowSelect.

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Thanks for the information and the reference. I will work through it now and will let you know soon if any problems occur. –  Ben Clarke Nov 21 '13 at 11:46
Just been going through for the link you need to buy a product. –  Ben Clarke Nov 21 '13 at 12:39

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