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I am writing an ISAPI filter which provides authentication services. I would like to ensure that any requests I allow through have some additional information logged in the IIS logfile. This will include details on the logged in user to allow later stats generation.

In Apache, I have accomplished this by adding a named "note" the the request, and configuring the log format to include my note in the logfile.

Is there any way I could accomplish the same thing in IIS? I know there is support for writing the cookie value to the logfile, but I'd rather write something more customised.

Cunning ideas welcome...

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I guess you may have came across this, but anyway, could this help?

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I did, but I was fixated on adding new data to the logfile and forgot that maybe I could subvert some of the existing logfile fields. I could achieve what I want changing the client user name field. Thanks for the nudge! –  Paul Dixon Jan 9 '10 at 13:51

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