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I have a class, which involves traits:

class Dynamic
   use Trait1, Trait2;

   public function method3(){};

So I need, when i'm trying to use this class like

$obj = new Dynamic(); 
$obj->getName(); // method from the Trait1

get some notifications that methods from the trait were called.

Can you advice some method for this task?

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try this: $obj->bldaiwhdolawidhaisd123('you see ;-)'); ---- will output Calling bldaiwhdolawidhaisd123 –  DanFromGermany Nov 21 '13 at 12:58
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This seems expected, no?

__call() is triggered when invoking inaccessible methods in an object context.


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I'm really get down, need some rest (: Can you advice some method to get calling of existing methods? –  Funcraft Nov 21 '13 at 13:01
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