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I'm working on a small project that uses Nancy hosted from within a WPF application. I want to be able to remotely download a PDF file that is ~8MB. I was able to get the download to work but while the download is in progress the application won't respond to any other requests. Is there a way I can allow the file download without tying up the all other requests?

Public Class ManualsModule : Inherits NancyModule
    Public Sub New()

        Me.Get("/") = Function(p)
            Dim model As New List(Of String) From {"electrical", "opmaint", "parts"}
            Return View("Manuals", model)
        End Function

        Me.Get("/{name}") = Function(p)
            Dim manualName = p.name
            Dim fileResponse As New GenericFileResponse(String.Format("Content\Manuals\{0}.pdf", manualName))
            Return fileResponse
        End Function
    End Sub
End Class

Or in C#

public class ManualsModule : NancyModule
    public ManualsModule() : base("/Manuals")
        this.Get("/") = p =>
            List<string> model = new List<string> {

            return View("Manuals", model);

        this.Get("/{name}") = p =>
            dynamic manualName = p.name;
            GenericFileResponse fileResponse = new GenericFileResponse(string.Format("Content\\Manuals\\{0}.pdf", manualName));
            return fileResponse;
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I found that I was actually hosting Nancy in WCF not self-host. The behaviour I described only happens when hosted in WCF. Self-Host will work fine for my application so I'll go with that.

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The problem is probably WCFs arcane configuration around maximum message sizes - but if self host is working for you that's a better option anyway imo :) –  Steven Robbins Nov 25 '13 at 14:05

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