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I have a function that adds (or moves) a marker to a point, then performs fitBounds on that point with the 'default point' (i.e. home point, or you are here point) :

function moveToMapPoint(lat, lng, data) {
  L.Icon.Default.imagePath = "dist/images";
  if(typeof myMarker === 'undefined') {
    myMarker = L.marker(new L.LatLng(lat, lng)).addTo(map);
  } else {
    myMarker = L.marker(new L.LatLng(lat, lng)).addTo(map);


  var bounds = [ [borneLat, borneLng], [lat, lng] ];
  map.fitBounds(bounds, {padding: [100, 100]});


However, the map usually has to zoom out several levels to be able to 'fit the two markers' - but the map shows up as blank.

In my Chrome Network tab, what seems to happen is that all tiles after the fitBounds() call, are loaded but cancelled almost instantly then they are reloaded and downloaded just fine.

However, it seems that leaflet just plots all of those "null" loaded images, causing the page to show up as blank. It doesn't seem to refresh/load the actual loaded images.

If I drag the map slightly, then all the map image tiles appear instantly so I basically need to refresh the tiles or something after the fitBounds call?


As a 'simple' fix, I set my zoom to a lower level (so it's zoomed further out) when you first load the map. Thus whenever it needs to perform a 'fitBounds' call, it usually has to zoom in, which causes it to load the tiles just fine.

Seems to be a problem only with zooming out.

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Sounds like a Leaflet bug. Have you reported the issue? –  josh3736 Nov 21 '13 at 16:11
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