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I am using a VB6 class named mjwPDF.cls and trying to parse some images into PDF document. However it doesn't display the images and Adobe gives "pdf broken" messages.

Here what I've done (basicly):

Dim objPDF As mjwPDF

Private Sub blabla()
    Set objPDF = New mjwPDF
    With objPDF
        .PDFTitle = "My PDF Document"
        .PDFFileName = 'MyFileFullPath
        .PDFLoadAfm = App.Path & "\Fonts"
        .PDFSetLayoutMode = LAYOUT_DEFAULT
        .PDFFormatPage = FORMAT_A4
        .PDFOrientation = ORIENT_PORTRAIT
        .PDFSetUnit = UNIT_PT
        .PDFView = False
        .PDFSetTextColor = vbBlack
        .PDFUseOutlines = True
        .PDFTextOut "Something bla bla bla.."
        .PDFImage 'MyImageFullPath.jpg, x + 15, y + 15, 100, 100
        .PDFTextOut "Something bla bla bla.."
    End With
End Sub

Here is the class: mjwPDF.cls

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i copied your code into my project and my jpg file shows flawlessly

maybe there is a problem with your jpg file? could you attach it or try another file? i used a bmp file which i converted to jpg using ms paint

something which i couldnt test are your x and y coordinates. what are the values of the ariables x and y? in my test i usex x=100 and y=100

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Damn! I defined x,y as integer and thought that's enough for initial 0 value but it's not. So yea it's the initial value problem thank you! – Berker Yüceer Jan 30 '14 at 14:06
and thank you for posting your code, it did help me with an error i had :) – Hrqls Jan 30 '14 at 14:11

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