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I'd like to loop through all posts given by the JSON object and pull the first image from each post. Here is the Tumblr API Documentation

At the moment I have this code which spits out all the content for the first post only. I would like it to spit out the first image from all posts.

    url: "{mykey}",
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    success: function(results){
        var postBody = results.response.posts[0].body;

And this is Tumblr's example text post JSON object:

   "meta": {
      "status": 200,
      "msg": "OK"
   "response": {
      "blog": { ... },
      "posts": [
            "blog_name": "citriccomics",
            "id": 3507845453,
            "post_url": "http:\/\/\/post\/3507845453",
            "type": "text",
            "date": "2011-02-25 20:27:00 GMT",
            "timestamp": 1298665620,
            "state": "published",
            "format": "html",
            "reblog_key": "b0baQtsl",
            "tags": [
               "milky dog",
               "mini comic"
            "note_count": 14,
            "title": "Milky Dog",
            "body": "<p><img src=\"http:\/\/\
               /tumblr_lh6x8d7LBB1qa6gy3.jpg\"\/><a href=\"http:\/\
               /\/blog\/?p=487\" target=\"_blank\">TO READ
               THE REST CLICK HERE<\/a><br\/>\n\nMilky Dog was inspired by
               something <a href=\"http:\/\/\/naomi\"
               target=\"_blank\">Naomi Gee<\/a> wrote on twitter, I really
               liked the hash tag <a href=\"http:\/\/\/
               search?q=%23MILKYDOG\" target=\"_blank\">#milkydog<\/a>
               and quickly came up with a little comic about it. You can
               (and should) follow Naomi on twitter <a href=\"http:\/\
               /\/ngun\" target=\"_blank\">@ngun<\/a> I'm on
               twitter as well <a href=\"http:\/\/\
               <\/p>\n\nAlso, if you’re a Reddit user (or even if
               you're not) I submitted this there, if you could up vote
               it I'd be super grateful just <a href=\"http:\/\
               /\/5wj3tqz\" target=\"_blank\">CLICK HERE<\/a>"
      "total_posts": 3

As you can see, images in the body are wrapped with <p> tags.

Would anyone know how help pull the images?

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What about posts that aren't of the type text? – Ally Nov 22 '13 at 16:14

Considering you are already using jQuery, how about:


It is probably not the best alternative, but it should do.

If you wanna do it for multiple posts:

            var img = [];
            $.each(results.response.posts, function (ix,el){
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