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hello~ when we delete contacts in android, android just sets raw_contacts.deleted=1. All data of the deleted contact can be found in the table "data" by SQLiteAdmin or other tools. I want to load these deleted contacts' data, but it doesn't work.codes are as foloowed:

    private void restoreContactsData() {
    Uri idUri=Uri.parse("content://com.android.contacts/raw_contacts");
    Uri dataUri=Uri.parse("content://"+ContactsContract.AUTHORITY+"/data");
    Cursor c=cr.query(idUri, new String[]{"_id"}, "deleted=1", null, null);
    StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();
        int deletedRawContactId=c.getInt(0);
        Cursor dataCursor=cr.query(dataUri, 
                    new String[]{"data1"},
                String phone=dataCursor.getString(0);

I have tried to set the constant VISIBLE_CONTACTS_ONLY=false as parameter,but i wont' work either.

The method above can find the deleted raw_contact ids.BUT when I use these ids to query the "data" table , it return nothing. If I pull the contacts2.db file out of emulator, I can find the data which are associated with the deleted raw_contact in the "data" table.

The question is ,whether can i restore these deleted data from contacts' contentprovider? Thank you

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