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First off, I am going to paste lots of JS code and if any of it is confusing, please let me know rather than just downvoting. With that said, in my Javascript, I have an array like so

var headings = ['wordOne', 'wordTwo', 'wordThree'];

I have a JS function which takes the headings and creates and places the heading inside their own div. The divs are created fine. I also have JS code which changes the color of the div to orange when you hover over each div, and I have JS code which handles what happens when you click a div. Here is the function which handles what happens when one of the divs are clicked

    function MainDivClicked() { 
            $('.innerDivHover').removeClass('innerDivHover'); //the div which you hover over gets a class called 'innerDivHover' (this basically changes the div's background color to orange)
            var showThis = $(this).attr('id'); //the id of each div is either div0, div1, div2 etc.
            var showThisKey = showThis.substr(showThis.length -1); //gets the digit of the div. So either 0, 1, 2 etc.

           $('#inner div').fadeOut(); // fades out all the divs
                setTimeout( function() {
                    $('#inner h2').fadeOut(function() { // fades out the headings inside the div
                        createBottomTable(showThis, function() {
                            $('#' + showThis + 'Screen').show().addClass('screenClicked'); //shows the screen corresponding to the div clicked. So id div0 was clicked, it would show div0Screen (which I create in the html)
                            bottomTdHover(); //gives an orange gradient when hovering over a td
                            bottomTdClicked(); // gives a green gradient to the td clicked

                }, 350);

This is my createBottomTable function

function createBottomTable(test, callback) {
                for (i=0, j=0; i<headings.length; i++) { //loops through the heading
                    $('#bottomTr').append("<td id='Inc" + i + "' class='div" + i + "'>" + headings[i] + '</td>'); //#bottomTr is already created in the html. it is an empty table. This line adds a td to the table and each td is labelled with a heading from the headings array.. They are also given a unique class and ID.
//Note that the class given to the td is the same as the ID of the div corresponding to the TD.. So if there were 3 headings / divs, there would be 3 id's (#div0, #div1 and #div2) and there would be 3 classes (.div0, .div1 and .div2)
                    $('.' + test).addClass('headingClicked'); //headngClicked just makes the background color of the td orange to signify that that is the clicked td

        $('#bottomTable').show(function() {
            if (callback) {

I also have a function called ieTen() which checks if the browser is IE10, if it is IE10, it makes the td background color blue, if it isn't IE10 it makes the background color of the td a gradient of blue to light blue. I call the functions like so

$(document).ready(function() {

The problem is that the code only works some times, while other times, the last td (it's always the last td) which is created doesn't have a gradient as a background color even though I am using IE8 and not IE10, all the other td's are perfect, just the last td doesn't have the correct background color and the bottomTdHover function and bottomTdClicked function (which is supposed to loop for all td's) doesn't look for the last td.

When I place an alert function inside the createBottomTable function after the for loop or before the for loop, the code works. Any idea why? I'm guessing it is because one part of the code is running before another (hence the alert function halts all the JS and lets another part of the code load before the JS can continue) but I can't seem to find the exact problem. Any ideas? Also, if you need the JS for any additional functions, let me know.

The ieTen function is this: (it basically just gives the td's a gradient if it isn't ie10 (if it is ie8).. This part of the code doesn't work on the last td Sometimes and the gradient doesn't appear on the last td Sometimes. It works all the time when there is an alert function in the place stated in the paragraph above.)

function ieTen() {
    if (Function('/*@cc_on return document.documentMode===10@*/')()){ // if it is ie 10
        $('#inner div').each(function() {
            $(this).css('display', 'inline-block');
        $('body').append('<style> .headingClicked { background-color: #CC6600 !important; } .innerDivHover { background-color: #CC6600 !important; }</style>');
    } else { // otherwise
        $('body').append('<style>#bottomBar td { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(startColorStr=#1c67c0, endColorStr=#03389d); } .headingClicked { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(startColorStr=#f3b500, endColorStr=#d17000) !important; } #inner div { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(startColorStr=#1c67c0, endColorStr=#03389d); } .innerDivHover { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(startColorStr=#f3b500, endColorStr=#d17000) !important; } </style>');
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What does your console says ? Also, your question doesn't include the 'ieTen()' function. –  Milche Patern Nov 21 '13 at 14:58
tl;dr - sidenote: the if(callback){ should be outside the handler, not inside and why is there a setTimeout in the midst of your code? –  Christoph Nov 21 '13 at 15:01
@MilchePatern hm, when I open the page in ie8, it shows no JS errors and I opened up the developer tools and in the script section, the console doesn't display any errors. I will post the ieTen function now –  user2817200 Nov 21 '13 at 15:05
@Christoph because I wanted to slow down that section of the code to see if that would work but it didn't, the problem is still there. –  user2817200 Nov 21 '13 at 15:05
it should be if (callback) { $('#bottomTable').show(...) } –  Christoph Nov 21 '13 at 16:50

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