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I am trying to build a tricky SQL statement and I need some advice.

I have these 2 tables:

| id | name    | email              |
| 1  | John Doe| john.doe@domain.com|
| 2  | Jane Doe| jane.doe@domain.com|
| 3  | Mr Jones| mr.jones@domain.com|


| id | campaign_id    | link                                  | id_of_user_that_clicked |
| 1  | 8              | http://somesite.com/?utm_source=news1 | 1,2,3                   |
| 2  | 8              | http://somesite.com/?utm_source=news2 | 1,2                     |
| 3  | 5              | http://somesite.com/?utm_source=news3 | 2                       |

To pull the name and email of Mr. Jones is fast. I run:

SELECT name, email FROM subscribers WHERE id IN ('3')

But I want to add to the result the URL that he clicked stored in the link column of the second table.

I tried to do something similar to:

SELECT name, email FROM subscribers WHERE id IN ('3') LEFT JOIN SELECT link FROM links WHERE (id_of_user_that_clicked LIKE '3')

to no avail

Notice that in the second table, I have the id stored with other id's as well. How can I match subscribers.id with corresponding number in links.id_of_user_that_clicked and have the query display the link next to the name and email.

Any ideas?

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Joins may be???? –  NoobEditor Nov 21 '13 at 15:29
Im guessing you need to use some form of Pivot, and look at the userID's as separate rows for every link. That is assuming that normalizing your data is not an option, you could have a links table and a UserID-LinkID table between them. –  Daniel E. Nov 21 '13 at 15:39

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thank you for the help. I managed to build a query to serve my purposes like this. I am pasting the code used:

SELECT s.name, s.email, l.link FROM subscribers s, links l WHERE s.id IN ('.$subscribers.') AND FIND_IN_SET(s.id, l.id_of_user_that_clicked)

$subscribers is a comma separated array (3456, 7865, 267, etc)

It works like a charm.

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You probably want the string to contain 3, not be like 3. Try this:

SELECT name, email, link FROM subscribers LEFT JOIN link on id_of_user_that_clicked LIKE '%3%' WHERE subscribers.id = '3'
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That would include users 3,13,23,30-39,43 etc etc... –  Daniel E. Nov 21 '13 at 15:37
agree, but there were only sigle digits in his example :) –  Snorre Nov 21 '13 at 18:59
I understand, but thats not what he wants to do... –  Daniel E. Nov 21 '13 at 19:16

Joins are recommended in MySQL as mysql-joins are faster than subqueries, Join vs. sub-query
your sql would be something like (assuming you want to hard-code the name)

 select s.name,s.email, l.campaign_id,l.link from subscribers s left outer join links l on s.id= l.id wher s.name = "Mr Jones" <br>

let me know if it helps!!!

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