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i just installed visual studio 2010 and it is not opening any projects .I can make projects but i can not add any file in it and also it is not opening recent projects. I am stuck here , kindly cooperate with me!

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OK, sounds like the installaion got munged up.

first obvious questions: do you have any code that has actually been saved?

If "yes," copy that code to an alternate location, and use the simplest solution: use the Windows Control Panel to deinstall the MSVC instance and reinstall. If no code saved, just de-install and reinstall.

That's the obvious answer. You may also check the location for the project files, and the settings Visual Studios uses.

  1. from the toolbar, click "tools".
  2. From the drop-down list select "options"
  3. Within the displayed list, scroll down to "projects and solutions"
    • expand that list (click on the little "+" box)
    • 3 locations will be displayed.
    • Make sure you have write permission to all three locations
    • all the check boxes should be selected. Especially the one marked "save new projects when created"
  4. click "OK" to accept the changes
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