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I tried to install bower using puppet. It failed with the error message "Provider npm is not functional on this host".

I ran this on a fresh vm with only puppet / vim installed, and the following module installed.

puppet module install willdurand/nodejs


include nodejs

package { 'express':
  provider => npm

This was the error:

root@puppet:~# puppet apply site.pp
Warning: Could not retrieve fact fqdn
Warning: Config file /etc/puppet/hiera.yaml not found, using Hiera defaults
Notice: Compiled catalog for chef in environment production in 0.29 seconds
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/Package[make]/ensure:                                                  ensure changed 'purged' to 'present'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/File[nodejs-install-d                                                 ir]/ensure: created
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/Package[g++]/ensure:                                                  ensure changed 'purged' to 'present'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/File[/usr/local/node/                                                 node-v0.10.22]/ensure: created
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/Wget::Fetch[nodejs-do                                                 wnload-v0.10.22]/Exec[wget-nodejs-download-v0.10.22]/returns: executed successfu                                                 lly
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/Exec[nodejs-unpack-v0                                                 .10.22]/returns: executed successfully
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/Exec[nodejs-make-inst                                                 all-v0.10.22]/returns: executed successfully
Error: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/Package[semver]: Provi                                                 der gem is not functional on this host
Error: /Stage[main]//Package[express]: Provider npm is not functional on this ho                                                 st
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/File[nodejs-symlink-b                                                 in-with-version-v0.10.22]: Dependency Package[semver] has failures: true
Warning: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Nodejs::Install[nodejs-stable]/File[nodejs-symlink-                                                 bin-with-version-v0.10.22]: Skipping because of failed dependencies
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/File[/usr/local/bin/node]: Dependency Package[semver                                                 ] has failures: true
Warning: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/File[/usr/local/bin/node]: Skipping because of fail                                                 ed dependencies
Notice: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/File[/usr/local/bin/npm]: Dependency Package[semver]                                                  has failures: true
Warning: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/File[/usr/local/bin/npm]: Skipping because of faile                                                 d dependencies
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I'm getting the same error on any npm module install.

If the question is how can I install an npm module then one answer is the exec/symlink hack I'm using below.

If the question is how can I get the npm provider to work... well, I'm still looking too.

package { 'java-1.7.0-openjdk.x86_64':
  ensure => present

class {'jenkins':
  require => Package['java-1.7.0-openjdk.x86_64']

firewall { '100 default jenkins host to guest port forward':
    port => [8080],
    proto => tcp,
    action => accept

class { 'nodejs':
    version => 'stable'
} ->

exec { 'get-grunt':
    command => 'npm install -g grunt-cli'
} ->
file { '/usr/local/bin/grunt':
    ensure => 'link',
    target => '/usr/local/node/node-v0.10.22/lib/node_modules/grunt-cli/bin/grunt'
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The only constraint to the npm provider to be enabled is if it finds npm on the path. The module creates /usr/local/bin/npm which means that /usr/local/bin is not present in your PATH variable.

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i'll have a look. I would have expected the module to update the path. thnks! –  Karan Dec 5 '13 at 10:50
It can't, or at least it expects it to already be set. Managing environment variables are done differently due to user/administrator preference. –  ruckc Dec 5 '13 at 12:03
I tried using exec path and still received the same error. Ended up with the hack below. –  John Dhom Dec 5 '13 at 14:28
Another option would be to creating the npm symlinks into /usr/bin –  ruckc Dec 5 '13 at 21:50

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