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I am using jquery-ui drag and re-sizable with editable div.now i am facing problem editable div by default activate editing on click. drag and re-size has same function i mean on click these function also trigger.So how can i handle this problem i need when user double click on editable div than editing active.other wise re-sizable and drag-able function should work.


<div class="draggable resizable"><div id="field2" contentEditable='true'; >Company message</div></div>


$(function() {
$( ".resizable" ).resizable();


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  drag: function (event, ui) {

$('#field2').dblclick(function (e) {


  $(this).focus(); //required because ui-draggable  makes the element unclickable

$('.draggable').click(function (e) {



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i was searching for same solution . your solution is exact and working very well thanks –  Allex Feb 27 at 10:31

You could as a workaround use following snippet:


$('div[contentEditable=true]').on('dblclick', function (e) {

It is not perfect because you need an other click to set correct position of carret for editable DIV.

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Thanks but re-size function not working on my side.Your Demo work fine but when i use on my code there re-size function not working. –  Affan Ahmad Nov 21 '13 at 18:50

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