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So I'm creating advent calendar from 1 to 23 day of December. All 23 days will be shown on the screen, but user can click only on current day (Other days (buttons) are disabled). After user click the button pop-up div. For now all of 23 days (buttons) text/div is the same. I need to make that everyday will be shown different div/text.


You can test it here: (now is 21 day of November, that's why 21 button is active)

This is my main PHP code where is verifying current day:

$info = getdate();
$date = $info['mday'];

  Echo "<input type='button' onclick='popUp();' value='".$i."' />";
  Echo "<input type='button' value='".$i."' disabled />";

This is popUp() function where div is opened.

function popUp() {

And here is content which is shown:

<div id="light" class="white_content"><a href = "javascript:void(0)" class="boxclose" id="boxclose" onclick = "document.getElementById('light').style.display='none';document.getElementById('fade').style.display='none'">X</a> 
<center><b><br><FONT COLOR ="WHITE">21 Content Example</b></center>
<div id="fade" class="black_overlay"></div>

As I understand I need to add to and to popUp() function where is 'light' add $i variable, but how can I do It correctly? Thank you very much.

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Using javascript inline (in the html) has never been the right thing to do. Js belongs in js files. Or at worst, in a <script> tag. – m59 Nov 21 '13 at 17:53
Thank you for answer. It is in <script type="text/javascript"> </script> tags, I posted not full my code – user1816133 Nov 21 '13 at 17:55

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