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I have this website that I'm making for someone ( and it shows certain elements in different places on different machines, but the browser being used (IE 8.0) is exactly the same.

I don't understand how that is possible? Anyone have an explanation?

Main element that moves is the flashing text moves up and bottom grey text moves up too.

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I think can help you more than here, you can show them with screen shots and all details you have – Amr Elgarhy Jan 6 '10 at 12:38
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Maybe the browser resolution is not the same on the both machines and there are HTML block elements floating in a container without a width or with an extremely wide width.

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so what do you recommend I do to keep same look and handle it so resolution is no longer a factor? – Tony The Lion Jan 6 '10 at 12:34
Sorry, the site hurted my eyes too much to have a closer look. At least the aforementioned is one of the common causes. Just give the container a fixed width. – BalusC Jan 6 '10 at 12:36
out of curiousity, what hurts your eyes about it? Color? Elements design? – Tony The Lion Jan 6 '10 at 12:43
Hurts my eyes too - you've got three yellows that clash with each other, red text on a yellow background, and flashing text. – Dominic Rodger Jan 6 '10 at 12:45
I see, so better do something with the colors, thanks for the comments!! – Tony The Lion Jan 6 '10 at 12:46

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