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im trying to use razor to generate a url like this

<img id="currentPic" src="/content/img/@Html.Raw(Model.user.defaultImage).png" />

but the .png bit is being added to the @htmlraw syntax and is not compiling. I know i need to tell the page that @htmlraw is over. I tried using ; which worked - but the ; was also displayed in the string when displayed.

How can i get it so it would display like this. When Model.user.defaultImage = random1

<img id="currentPic" src="/content/img/random1.png" />


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try adding a new set of parenthesis

<img id="currentPic" src="/content/img/@(Html.Raw(Model.user.defaultImage)).png" />
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Try @{Html.Raw(Model.user.defaultImage)}

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I think you don't need Html.Raw, just use

<img id="currentPic" src="/content/img/@(Model.user.defaultImage).png" />
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This feels like a hack, but works:

<img id="currentPic" src="/content/img/@Html.Raw(Model.user.defaultImage + ".png")" />
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