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I've going through some simple bash scripts at work that someone else wrote month ago and I've found this line:

| awk -F'AUTO_INCREMENT=' 'NF==1{print "0";next}{sub(/ .*/,"",$2);print $2}'

Can someone help me to interpret this line in simple words. Thank you!

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Why did you change original question content? It seems you wanted to post an edit to question but along with that you also tried to edit my answer. –  jkshah Nov 21 '13 at 20:25

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awk -F'AUTO_INCREMENT=' '     # Set 'AUTO_INCREMENT=' as a field separator
    NF==1 {                   # If number of fields is one i.e. a blank line
      print "0";              # print '0'
      next                    # Go to next record i.e. skip following code  
      sub(/ .*/,"",$2);       # Delete anything after a space in the second field 
      print $2                # Print the second field 


Sample inputs


AUTO_INCREMENT=10 20 30 foo bar


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