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In advance, thank you for any help/answers.

My problem: Trying to insert/replace data into a rollover database, meaning that the Id's already exists from 1 to 2million (close to the max database size), the raw_text is a unique value along with metarnum (primary key). Basically, each time a new CSV file is created, the script is ran and puts the data into the database. The issue is that I can't solve how to insert the data sequentially, meaning first update would put the data where metarnum='1', next would be metarnum='2'. I've tried the REPLACE INTO MySQL method, but ran into issues with incrementing (metarnum). Having tried to resolve this issue for a few hours now, I turn to you. Again, Thanks.



$currenttime = time(); 
$source = ""; //removed for post to stackoverflow

if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
} else {

    $result = $db->query("SELECT * FROM updatemetar WHERE id='1'");
    $row = $result->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC);
    $start = $row["metar_last_update"];

    $file = file($source);
    for($i = 0; $i < 6; $i++) array_shift($file);
        foreach($file as $line) {
            $csv  = str_getcsv($line);
            $fields = "raw_text, icao, ob_time, latitude, longitude, temp, dewpoint, wind_dir, wind_spd, wind_gust, vis, altimeter, slp, corrected, auto, auto_station, maintenance, no_signal, ltg_off, fzra_off, wx_off, wx, sky_cover_1, cloud_base_1, sky_cover_2, cloud_base_2, sky_cover_3, cloud_base_3, sky_cover_4, cloud_base_4, flt_cat, 3hr_p_tend, max_temp_1, min_temp_1, max_temp_24, min_temp_24, precip_in, precip_3hr, precip_6hr, precip_24hr, snow_depth, vert_vis, metar_type, elevation_m, metarnum, unix_update";
            $data = "'" . implode("','", $csv) . "','" . $start . "','" . $currenttime . "'";

            $query = "REPLACE INTO metars (" . $fields . ") VALUES(" . $data . ");";

            if (!$db->query($query)) {
            } else { 

    $queryupdatenum = "UPDATE updatemetar SET metar_last_update='" . $start . "', last_update_time='" . $currenttime . "' WHERE id='1';";
    if (!$db->query($queryupdatenum)) {
    } else {


I understand that there is a lot of columns, but all of them are needed and separating the data isn't necessarily a good thing. The code above does work, there are no issues with the CSV importation. The primary concern, again, is the fact that the replace into method sometimes over compensates, meaning that it will update 1, but then on the next CSV update where 4,000 more entries could occur it will replace the SAME DATA (unique key in raw_text) into metarnum (Primary Key) at value 4,001 for example. I've tried using the UPDATE metars SET ... WHERE metarnum=1 mysql (I would prefer this) but for some reason, I can't figure out how to implode the csv in the individual set items, e.g. raw_text=, icao=, etc.

Thank you for any and all answers!


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