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I have this:

var userName = "$('.home').children('.username').attr('href')";

I want to add "extra-attribute" to a class based on if it contains a match from the href being referenced. Is this set up right?

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Your expression is a wrapped in as a string (Remove it) for the first one and for the second line you wrapped userName as a part of the selector not the value of userName variable.

So Try:

var userName = $('.home').children('.username').attr('href');
$(".someclass[href*=" + userName + "]").parent().parent().addClass("extra-attribute");

Also note that .attr('href') will get you the href of only the first userName anchor tag returned by the collection $('.home').children('.username'). Instead of doing .parent().parent() you can use closest('parentparentselector') provided your parent.parent has that selector and not its parent. That would let you change your html structure as well without changing your script in the future.

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Almost, it needed quotation marks. They weren't being added to the last function. It ended up having to look like this: var userName = $('.home').children('.username').attr('href'); var hrefName = "'" + userName + "'"; $(".someclass[href=" + hrefName + "]").parent().parent().addClass("extra-attribute"); –  user3015600 Nov 21 '13 at 21:24
@user3015600 Yes it needs if you have reserved char you can just do $('.someclass[href*="' + userName + '"]') –  PSL Nov 21 '13 at 21:28

Close, you need string concatenation:

$(".someclass[href*=" + userName + "]")
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You should consider the following sample before going further :D

var v = "1 + 1"; alert(v); // shows "1 + 1"
var v = 1 + 1;   alert(v); // shows "2"
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