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`First of all, the fact that I am even asking this question implies that I am consciously choosing not to (strictly) obey the law of Demeter.

Since sometime (probably rails 3?) referring to model.association.first results in a new object each time, unless you use .to_a on the association:

=> "#<CampaignShirt:0x007fdd02c7fd58>"
=> "#<CampaignShirt:0x007fdd02ca6318>"
=> "#<CampaignShirt:0x007fdd02d13170>"
=> "#<CampaignShirt:0x007fdd02d13170>"

I've worked on several Rails 3/4 applications without even noticing this, probably because I do try to respect Demeter as much as is practical.

In this case I want Campaign to be in control, because it is a big state machine where many of its state changes involve transactionally coordinating changes in itself and various child objects.

Is there a way to freeze the association arrays at create and/or fetch time?

EDIT: I noticed almost immediately that they are frozen when you use Campaign.includes(...).find, which I am doing in my app. However I still have a problem in specs where the objects are factories created by FactoryGirl. Is there a way to say "freeze all the associations on this object" or do I have to call .to_a on each of them?

EDIT 2: I still have a problem when I refer to campaign through a belongs_to on user. (this seemed like a separate question, so I asked it here). EDIT 3: the problem with the belongs_to includes extension was just syntax, so I'm removing the details of that.

So, my remaining problem is to get User.selected_campaign to act like it does in my app when it is built up by FactoryGirl. I'm going to try just doing a .reload at the start of each spec, which should trigger the includes extensions, at the cost of some spec performance.

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I don't know the (gory) details of your setup, but what if you just memoize first on the Campaign object?

def Campaign
  def first_campaign_shirt
    @first_campaign_shirt ||= campaign_shirts.first

I think this way you obey the Law of Demeter again? But it might get annoying if you need more getters than just first_shirt. So consider this just a suggestion that won't fit in a comment box. :)

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I appreciate the suggestion, but if possible I would like to avoid adding memoization or other modifications to things Rails expects to be in control of, because it makes life difficult in the long-term for programmers like me who have a very short memory spa – Michael Johnston Nov 21 '13 at 21:22
also, I only used .first as an example to illustrate changing object id. I need all the objects to be frozen. I'd have to memoize the whole association, which rails already does if you call .to_a on it, or if the association was prefetched by an includes(..) clause. – Michael Johnston Nov 27 '13 at 1:21

All of my in-app use cases were solved by carefully choosing where to add includes(..) to associations and scopes.

I was only able to solve the factory girl problem by calling reload on a factory object after creating it.

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