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I'm using the Request module to download files, but I'm not quite sure how to pipe the response to an output stream when the filename must come from the 'Content-Disposition' header. So basically, I need to read the response until the header is found, and then pipe the rest to that filename.

The examples show something like:


Where I want to do (pseudocode):

var req = request('http://example.com/download_latest_version?token=XXX');
var filename = req.response.headers['Content-Disposition'];


I could get the filename using the Request callback:

request(url, function(err, res, body) {
 // get res headers here

But wouldn't that negate the benefits of using pipe and not loading the downloaded file into memory?

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I'm reqesting a image from yahoo and it isn't using the content-disposition header but I am extracting the date and content-type headers to construct a filename. This seems close enough to what you're trying to do...

var request = require('request'),
fs = require('fs');

var url2 = 'http://l4.yimg.com/nn/fp/rsz/112113/images/smush/aaroncarter_635x250_1385060042.jpg';

var r = request(url2);

r.on('response',  function (res) {
  res.pipe(fs.createWriteStream('./' + res.headers.date + '.' + res.headers['content-type'].split('/')[1]));


Ignore my image choice please :)

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lol. This is perfect, though, thank you. –  user3019326 Nov 22 '13 at 14:27

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