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What i am doing ? I am testing an application installed on iphone device. In the application, a Voice Call happens over internet. I routed the traffic in my iphone device through the Charles web proxy tool installed in MAC machine using Proxy settings in device Settings -> WIFI option.

I turned WIFI on and started Charles in MAC machine. Now, i launched the application and clicked on the button to make a call. Call is established successfully. (I am in Network coverage area)

I Closed the charles in MAC machine. I launched Safari on iphone device and entered an URL. I get a message "No network available". But the Voice call is still continuing. I can hear the speaker at othe end even while this condition.

What is my assumption?

From this case, i understand that iphone device could not connect to internet.

What is my conclusion?

  1. From this case, i understand that the Voice call which is happening over internet using UDP protocol will not be routed through Charles web proxy tool even if i set the proxy settings on the iphone device.

  2. Charles web proxy tool can listen only to TCP connection.

What is my question?

  1. My conclusion 1 and 2 is it correct?
  2. If UDP packets can be monitored using Charles, how can i do it?
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Do you solve the problem? –  sahara108 Feb 6 at 4:31
@sahara108, I tried the solution proposed but could not implement successfully. –  Prem Feb 6 at 16:05

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Setting the Proxy Settings on your iPhone (Or any device) only redirects web traffic (HTTP, HTTPS) to the proxy of your choosing. It will not redirect any other kind of traffic. To do that you will need to either configure the iPhone with a SOCKS proxy (Will redirect all traffic) or intercept the traffic elsewhere, such as at your wifi router.

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Thanks Richmond. Your answer clarifies my doubt on if the UDP packet is routed through charles or not. I understand the answer is "No". Now, From this link, charlesproxy.com/documentation/proxying/port-forwarding i understand that charles can be used to listen UDP traffic. Need some pointers on how to do this –  Prem Nov 22 '13 at 16:52
Configure your iPhone with a SOCKS proxy address of your Charles device and it will work. –  S.Richmond Nov 23 '13 at 1:25
To configure SOCKS proxy. I tried the below steps. 1. In MAC machine, Connected to WIFI. 2. Launched Charles in MAC machine. Default - Charles runs in HTTP mode. 3. In iphone, Settings - WIFI - Choose the same wifi - Click Manual in proxy settings and entered Charles IP address and port no 8888 4. HTTP traffic routed successfully. 5. Now in Charles, Set Proxy Settings -> Enable SOCKS Mode -> Click Ok. 6. In mobile, no web page is rendered. Kindly help me figure out what is missing. –  Prem Nov 25 '13 at 22:20
In iphone, wifi proxy options, changed port number to 8889 –  Prem Nov 25 '13 at 22:26
No you need to setup a SOCKS proxy on the iPhone in a special way. Do some googling research on it. –  S.Richmond Nov 25 '13 at 22:33

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