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I'm trying to rename my database but I'm not familiar with the syntax. I've tried 2 different things but get the following error msgs...

Method 1:

DECLARE @old varchar(100)
DECLARE @new varchar(100)
SET @old = 'ver.1'
SET @new = 'ver.2'

DECLARE @query varchar(max)
set @query = 'ALTER DATABASE @old MODIFY NAME = @new'
exec @query

Error: Could not find stored procedure 'ALTER DATABASE @old MODIFY NAME = @new'.

Method 2:

DECLARE @old varchar(100)
DECLARE @new varchar(100)
SET @old = 'ver.1'
SET @new = 'ver.2'


Error: Incorrect syntax near @old

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Stop using exec for dynamic SQL; use sp_executesql. Also, you can't inline parameterize arguments to ALTER DATABASE that way - you need to use string concatenation. Finally, because you chose to use illegal characters in your database name (.), you need to escape these with QUOTENAME.

DECLARE @old varchar(100) = 'ver.1';
DECLARE @new varchar(100) = 'ver.2';

  + QUOTENAME(@old) + ' MODIFY NAME = ' + QUOTENAME(@new) + ';';

EXEC sp_executesql @query;
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Thank you sir! Very very helpful. – nubme Nov 21 '13 at 23:08

We can also use sp_renamedb to rename database.

EXEC sp_renamedb 'old_name' , 'new_name'
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