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How can I configure the subversion server to hide the full repository path from the outside world?

For example, the repository lives under /home/svn/foobar/ ... I want to access it via ssh as svn+ssh://user@domain.com/foobar.

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See serverfault.com/questions/100029/… on ServerFault –  Bert Huijben Jan 6 '10 at 14:46

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Reading carefully through the official SVN documentation I have found that when accessing subversion over svn+ssh -- then a separate svnserve process is spawned for every connection. Thus the trick is to

  1. Rename svnserve to svnserve.bin
  2. Create a file called svnserve
  3. Add the following to its contents

    exec /usr/bin/svnserve.bin -r /home/svn "$@"

Thus the wrapper will be called everytime a server instance is needed. It will in turn init the server with a new root path.

Piece of cake!

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Use the --root option:

svnserve --root /home/svn
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A blog post today went into some great detail about how to setup SSH access to SVN on a server.


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You can use HTTP(S) protocol instead of SSH. And then, configure Apache with any virtual directory you like.

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