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So we have such dql

    $oQuery = $this->createQueryBuilder('assets')
        ->leftJoin('Site\MainBundle\Entity\123\invFlags', 'flags', Join::WITH, 'assets.flag = flags.flagID')
        ->leftJoin('Site\MainBundle\Entity\123\invTypes', 'types', Join::WITH, 'assets.typeID = types.typeID')
        ->leftJoin('Site\MainBundle\Entity\123\invGroups', 'groups', Join::WITH, 'types.groupID = groups.groupID');

    if (!empty($aFilter)) {
        $bFirst = true;

        foreach ($aFilter as $sKey => $sValue) {

            if ($bFirst) {
                $oQuery->where($oQuery->expr()->eq('assets.' . $sKey, $sValue));
                $bFirst = false;
            } else {
                if ($sValue === null) {
                    $oQuery->andWhere($oQuery->expr()->isNull('assets.' . $sKey));

    return $oQuery->getQuery()->getResult();

We call it from repository and have result... BUT. In sql query ($oQuery->getQuery()->getSQL()) I see all columns and proper left join I need, but NOT in result. Why it happens? When I return '->getScalarResult()' I receive all needed data but like array and with prefix of tables

array(38) {
  ["assets_id"]=>string(4) "4558"
  ["assets_characterID"]=>string(8) "90206263"

Can I anyhow get simple 'combined' object' with all get methods?

ADD: Forgot to say that there are no relations in entities.

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Then add the relations. Your join works because you are explicitly setting the join relations. But that doesn't help Symfony with the mapping. –  Cerad Nov 22 '13 at 14:02
My db is really huge. Entities will be a trouble. But I will think in this way. Thnx. –  user1954544 Nov 23 '13 at 11:18

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