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I'm trying to select an item from a drop down menu using Capybara (2.1.0).

I want to select by number (meaning select the second, third, etc option).

I've Googled like crazy trying all sorts of things but no luck.

I was able to select it by using the value:


But I don't want to use that method b/c the value is something that will change and that will make my test brittle.

The HTML for the drop down is:

<td class="value">
    <select name="organizationSelect" id="organizationSelect" class="required">
     <option value="NULL">Choose...</option>
     <option value="4c430d62-f1ba-474f-8e8a-4452c55ea0a8">&nbsp;Institution1</option>
     <option value="e1a4efa7-352d-410a-957e-35c8a3b92944">&nbsp;Institution / test</option>

I also tried this:

  option = find(:xpath, "//*[@id='organizationSelect']/option[2]").text  
  select(option, :from => organizationSelect)

But it results in this error:

Ambiguous match, found 2 elements matching option "Institution" (Capybara::Ambiguous)

So how can I select the first, second, third, etc option from the drop down (using Capybara) ?

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If you take a look at the source of the select method, you can see that what it does when you pass a from key is essentially:

find(:select, from, options).find(:option, value, options).select_option

In other words, it finds the <select> you're interested in, then finds the <option> within that, then calls select_option on the <option> node.

You've already pretty much done the first two things, I'd just rearrange them. Then you can tack the select_option method on the end:

find('#organizationSelect').find(:xpath, 'option[2]').select_option
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Thanks so much Carol! Really appreciate the help! :D –  Farooq Nov 22 '13 at 0:17
Or a simple click works just fine. –  Dingle Jul 9 '14 at 20:47

For some reason it didn't worked for me. So I used something else

select "option_name_here", :from => "organizationSelect"

worked for me.

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Weird, that doesn't work for me as the method seems to take at least 3 options. Although the code you suggested matches the example code from the capybara guide. –  Linus Feb 16 '14 at 21:38
it's not form, it is from. Here is the documentation on select –  fontno Dec 26 '14 at 1:21
Perhaps worth noting the from value is the name, id, or label text. i.e. "#organizationSelect" is incorrect, but "organizationSelect" should work. –  MZB Mar 12 at 4:57

It is not a direct answer, but you can (if your server permit):

1) Create a model for your Organization; extra: It will be easier to populate your HTML.

2) Create a factory (FactoryGirl) for your model;

3) Create a list (create_list) with the factory;

4) 'pick' (sample) a Organization from the list with:

# Random select
option = Organization.all.sample 

# Select the FIRST(0) by id
option = Organization.all[0] 

# Select the SECOND(1) after some restriction
option = Organization.where(some_attr: some_value)[2]
option = Organization.where("some_attr OP some_value")[2] #OP is "=", "<", ">", so on... 
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