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I am trying to create an chat program using python in mac os x python 2.7.5.

I have successfully done so using the asyncore, asynchat modules however. I create a server that will open a telnet port on say 5006. Which is fine.

Here is the problem That previously mentioned executable creates a window in terminal now when I want to actually start chatting I have to open another terminal window and type $ telnet 5006 to open a connection to myself. Others have to do the same thing from their respective computers.

BUT I only want to open one window that will run my server code and chat with others.

I just want to make clear. There is no problem here with chatting and connections I am asking how to reduce my 2 window server/chatter to a server and chatter in one.

I dont need anybody to write my code I am looking for a push in the right direction if someone doesn't have a direct answer. Maybe a module of some sort or something similar. Im lost so...

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this looks like you want to do something along the lines of threading, that way you can have the server code being run in one thread, and the client code being run in another thread. – IT Ninja Nov 22 '13 at 0:12
threading, good suggestion thanks a lot and if you come up with something else please let me know – user2444074 Nov 22 '13 at 0:21
Terrible suggestion. The OP has already mentioned the use of asyncore. The whole point of asyncore is to multiplex I/O operations. For example, to read from stdin concurrently with servicing network messages from other chat clients. – Jean-Paul Calderone Jun 19 '14 at 14:36
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As stated in the comments above the answer is threading

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