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I am trying to code up a mini information retrieval system for suggesting travel destinations to users based upon the indexing I do on the data corpus, and I am using solr for coding up this search functionality, what all things should I take into consideration to approach this job, what all parameters should I be considering as significant in the query?

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Your question is too wild to answer. There are lots of concept included in searching and make recommendation (not only for travel scope). Since I have developed the project that including searching and making recommendation feature, I give you some hints.


  • What and how to index your content(searching by what), it affect the accuracy of searching.
  • Search relevance measure, you can measure by term weighting or string similarity algorithm.
  • Search result sorting, this is based on search relevance measure.


  • You can study Collective Intelligence to get full concepts of recommendation.
  • Learning process to update the recommendation algorithm. (machine learning or artificial intelligence).
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