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I have a store which contains SI units which contains the following fields: [id, symbol, unit_series_id]

When loading a particular combo I need too:

  • Filter the store by unit_series_id (i.e. just to L, kL, ML etc OR b, kb, mb etc)
  • Allow the user to use that particular combo as a drop down.

The problem is that I need this filter to be permanent and not get cleared by reset() or when the user clicks on the button etc.

I have tried the following:

    this.fields.units_combo = {
        xtype:              'combo',
        name:               'unit_id',
        fieldLabel:         'Unit',
        store:              this.stores.units,
        width:              70,
        displayField:       'symbol',
        allowBlank:         false,
        labelSeparator:     ': *',

        // Sets up the combo so to use a local store instead of a remote store
        mode: 'local',

        // Because we want this combo to act as a dropdown and NOT as an autocomplete, we need to make sure
        // That whatever value is set does not apply filtering to the store so all the values are set.

        // triggerAction is an action that gets called whenever a trigger is set off. e.g. you click the combo.  If triggerAction is
        // set to all it looks in the allQuery option and filters the store based on whatever is set in that (defaults to '').  For a remote
        // store where you want to display all results you might for example want to set it to 'SHOW_EVERYTHING' and have your server return
        // the entire result set.

        // Additionally every time the action is called it compares the result in lastQuery with query result.  If lastQuery doesnt match 
        // allQuery then it will clear all the filters. (basically as a mechanism for requesting filtered data from the store).  Most of the 
        // time we don't want it to clear any filters so we manually override lastQuery as shown in 
        // http://extjs.cachefly.net/ext-3.2.0/docs/source/Combo.html#prop-Ext.form.ComboBox-lastQuery
        triggerAction: 'query', 
        allQuery: '',
        lastQuery: '',

        // This prevents the user from typing in the box
        // This is essential as if you type something and delete it then clearFilter() will be called removing 
        // our filter on the store
        editable: false,

        // This is not really used in a dropdown case as if editable is set to false
        // you are only able to make selection.  forceSelection is used in cases where you wish to allow the user to type
        // but force them to make a selection from the list.
        // NOTE: This can be removed but i'm leaving it here for documentation purposes
        forceSelection: true,

        labelSeparator:     ': *',
        allowBlank:         false,

Unfortunately this still has clear filters called in several places because the form is reset by Ext.form.BasicForm.reset.

How can I add a filter that will not get removed? OR how can I prevent clearFilters from being called. I have read through the entire Combo and store class and it does not seem to be obvious.

My only fix I have been able to find so far is to add:

    this.stores.units.on('datachanged', function()  {
        this.data = this.queryBy(function(a) { return a.data.id === 1}); 

Note: Using ExtJS 3.4.0

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