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We are using a script (ruote_daemon_starter) in a rails 3.2.12 engine (commonx) under "config/initializers" folder. This script is meant to call another script in the same engine under "/script" folder to start a daemon. Please see below details on both scripts.

I am getting from passenger the error of No such file or directory as below:

 //weblog.rubyonrails.org/2012/1/4/rails-3-2-0-rc2-has-been-released. (called from <top (required)> at /var/www/btop/releases/20131108030053/config/environment.rb:5)
    ruby: No such file or directory -- ../../script/daemon.rb (LoadError)

==== config/initializers/ruote_daemon_starter.rb =======

 #!/usr/bin/env rub
    exec "ruby ../../script/daemon.rb start "

==== script/daemon.rb =======

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'daemons'
require 'logger'
file = Dir.pwd + '/ruote_worker.rb'
options = {
    :app_name   => "ruote_worker",
    :dir_mode   => :normal,
    :log_dir    => "pid",
    :dir        => 'daemon',
    :log_output => true,
    :backtrace  => true,
    :multiple   => false
Daemons.run(File.join(Dir.pwd, 'ruote_worker.rb'), options)

The rails app is running on ubuntu 12.04.

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