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How can I stop dialog box running?

String menuInput = null;
        JOptionPane askOpenOrNew = new JOptionPane(
                "Would you like to Open a save\nor create a New world?");
        Object[] askOptions = new String[] { "Open World", "New World",
                "Cancel" };
        JDialog askDialog = askOpenOrNew.createDialog(new JFrame(),
                "There is no World");

It keeps the console in Eclipse running after the program, should have, terminated.

EDIT: The dialog box does close (In that it disappears from screen) but the console doesn't terminate unless explicitly told (System.exit(0)).

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If you want the program to exit, I'd recommend explicitly calling System.exit(0)

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If you want the program to exit after you close the dialog box, you replace




I hope this is what you're looking for.

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EXIT causes an error 'defaultCloseOperation must be one of: DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE, HIDE_ON_CLOSE, or DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE' –  Built on Sin Nov 22 '13 at 4:36

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