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There is a java process which includes too many jars in classpath, so the startup command is very long.

So as view the process command using command 'ps', don't view completely, it is interrupted.

It's only show about 4000 characters.

Is there a method to see the entire command?

ps aux > /tmp/aa

View the command in the file /tmp/aa, then will find that the command was interrupted because it is too long.

It's not the problem that can be resolved by:

ps aux | grep java


ps -auxww

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Assuming there's only one java process, then you can use cat /proc/$(ps ax | grep java | head -n 1 | awk '{print $1}')/cmdline. Of course, you can tweak the grep java as needed.

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The bad news is that the file /proc/{processId}/cmdline is incomplete too. My command was cat /proct/57375/cmdline – kino lucky Nov 22 '13 at 3:19
What about ps eww -p $processId? – Elliott Frisch Nov 22 '13 at 3:27
It doesn't work too. Only show about 4118 characters. Because the command is very very long. – kino lucky Nov 22 '13 at 3:45

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